The Buckingham Fire Surround

RX295 Carron cast iron Buckingham fire surround

Buckingham Fire Surround

cast iron fireplace insert with surroundThe Buckingham fire surround is built to impress. It can be a wonderful centrepiece to a large living room, dining room or even a grand kitchen. It is designed for a large room due to its proportions with a long mantel shelf width of 1730mm (68″). We think you will agree the Buckingham is a very unusual statement surround for that luxurious feel.

Interior designers often use large statement pieces like the Buckingham to give a room a focal point. With other design elements such as curtains, shutters, rugs, cushions and throws and your favourite furniture and other tresured posessions, a fireplace truly is the heart of the home. Lighting is another key item but, as we all know the light of an open or gas fire is really the only thing we need to make us feel warm, cosy and safe.

A fireplace creates a feeling of wellbeing which draws family and friends together. There is something about an open fire that often makes people reminice of childhood or winter holidays.

Opulent and cosy, the Buckingham mantel can be teamed up with one of our fireplace inserts. This will give a truly wonderful pairing for years to come.

Cast Iron Inserts

The Buckingham cast iron fireplace surround can be fitted with most of our cast iron inserts. It can also be fitted with solid fuel or gas fires. Customers can opt for a black insert to match the Buckingham fire surround. You could mix things up and go for a full polish insert for that modern quirky look.

The fire surround is crafted using traditional techniques and features an intricate decorative arch above the inner frame. It combines with a subtle floral pattern that fills the width of the surround beneath the mantel. These patterns are superbly complimented by a cascading scroll detail that protrudes from either leg.

RX295 Carron Buckingham cast iron fire surround sizes

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