Traditional Fireplaces – Cast iron fires

Traditional fireplaces Carron fireplaces

Traditional Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces made from cast iron are suitable for bedrooms to living rooms and made from solid cast iron.

Pendragon Fireplaces stock a large range of affordable cast iron fireplaces and surrounds with designs including Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian fireplaces. Our Carron fireplaces are suitable for fuel options including gas and solid fuel. They can also be fitted for decorative purposes.

Combination Fireplaces

Combination cast iron fireplaces are popular in the home as they include an integrated shelf making them compact in design. The traditional fireplaces are affordable as they negate the need for a separate mantel. Our range includes cast fireplaces of all sizes, perfect for every room in the house. Our smaller fireplaces are ideally suited to bedrooms as they have shelf widths starting at 30″. These were typically found in traditional period Georgian and Victorian homes and were used as a source of heating. Most older houses have chimney breasts so are ideal to make a focal point for the room. Many different designs from plain simple models like the Oxford to the imposing Toulouse. Pendragon offer a fantastic selection of sizes to suit all rooms and with a variety of finishes, the options seem endless.

Fireplace Inserts

Cast iron fireplace inserts are designed to be fitted with a cast iron or wooden fireplace surround. Due to the casting or manufacturing process, the grate is made separately to the outer surround to produce larger fireplaces suitable for living or dining rooms. This tends to make them a feature of the room and would have shown off the home owners wealth or oppulance. The styles of the fires changed with trends of fashions over time. Smaller Victorian homes used the fireplace to warm the home, as well as being a place to cook, with hotplates on either side.

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