Traditional Tube lined Fireplace Tiles

Victorian fireplace tiles LGC095 tube lined fireplace tiles

Traditional Tube Lined Fireplace Tiles

Victorian and Edwardian style tube lined fireplace tiles to fit traditional period cast iron fireplace inserts and combination fires. Fireplace tiles measure 6″ x 6″ square and are reproductions of original antique tiles.

Tube lined tiles are manufactured by hand, then double fired in the kiln using traditional processes.Fireplace tiles banner

Period Fireplace Tiles

These traditional style tiles are a beautiful addition to any home, bringing a designer look instantly.

Tubelined Victorian fireplace tiles LGC086
Tubelined Victorian fireplace tiles LGC086  – Pendragon Fireplaces

Tube line fireplace tiles can be matched to decor and are available in many different colours and styles.

Victorian fireplaces were fitted with decorative floral fireplace tiles towards the end of the 19th century. By the Edwardian period, stylised flower patterns were in fashion with tulip designs. These were influenced by designers such as William Morris and William De Morgan.

The Art nouveau Edwardian tiles were decorated with flowers before moving on to plain colours, earlier Victorian tiles often had images of birds and flowers.

Fireplaces in the 1920s Art Deco period were often tiled all over. The fireplaces were similar to the strong architecture of the time, looking like picture houses or cinemas.

The Toulouse fireplace (pictured above) is a wonderful example of art nouveau style.

The Toulouse has space for the tiles each side, a plain colour looks best in this fireplace.




Fitting Tube Lined Fireplace Tiles

RX141 Toulouse fireplace tiled Victorian Art Nouveau fire by Carron polished finish
Toulouse fireplace – Pendragon Fireplaces

This is a difficult any messy job and not reccomended. It is advised to use an expert.

To fit the tiles, first of all remove the fire surround and the fireplace insert. If the fireplace is a combination, like the Toulouse (right), locate the lugs at the side, these are usually under plaster holding the tiles.

When the fire surround is ready to be removed, the fixings can be located at the side. Remove the plaster to free them. The surround may consist of separate pieces that could come apart, so you may need help with this. Cast iron surrounds usually have lugs with screws at the sides and may require an expert to remove.

Remember that cast iron fireplaces are extremely heavy and usually require 2 people to lift.


The tiles are typically fixed with a metal frame held with nuts.Tiles can then be removed to be cleaned if they are to be kept or replace with new tiles.

You can then put the tiles back into the frames and bolt them back into the grate.

Be careful not to crack the tiles as a result of them being very delicate when tightening the bolts.

In conclusion, the fireplace will look fresh and clean after fitting.


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